Meet Our Team


Sari Lehrhoff, MD

Sari Lehrhoff, M.D. is a Board-certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and licensed physician in the state of New Jersey. Dr. Lehrhoff earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Muhlenberg College in 2001. After working for and studying pharmaceuticals with Pfizer, she then went on to earn her Medical degree from St. George’s University in 2010. In July 2014 she completed her General Psychiatry Residency through Seton Hall University at Trinitas Regional Medical Center in Elizabeth, NJ. During her time at Trinitas hospital, Dr. Lehrhoff focused on the treatment of mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorders as well as anxiety and panic disorders. As part of Dr. Lehrhoff’s residency program, she received additional training in relationship and sex therapy at the Council for Relationships in Philadelphia.

Dr. Lehrhoff is also an advocate for alternative & holistic medicine. In 2005 she completed a yoga and meditation training and has been a certified yoga instructor sharing yoga principles with both students and patients alike. She attends workshops yearly to keep up to date with the teachings and life coaching modalities.

Kind and thorough, Dr. Lehrhoff will explore multiple avenues of healing for you as a patient. In many cases medication is utilized to assist treatment progress, but Dr. Lehrhoff understands that medication is not always the answer. She will work with your individual history and together you will set up the path towards more peaceful living.

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Caitlin Peterson, MSW, LCSW, CHT

Caitlin Peterson, MSW Fordham University, LCSW, CHT, Caitlin Peterson, Licensed Clinical Social worker and Certified Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist and co-founder of EVOLVE Wellness and The Soul School. Her radical approach to mental health shatters limitations of traditional psychotherapy. Her life's work is to support others as they cross the bridge from a place of self doubt to lives full of love, forgiveness and universal compassion. Caitlin believes that you have the answers within to transform your life; she's simply a guide on your journey back "home" to your intrinsically loving self.

To learn more about her integrative approach, please visit the integrative modalities page. The Soul School is the manifestation of Caitlin's vision of bringing the friends, guides and mentors she's collected through her own personal journey of transformation to those seeking guidance. Access to practical, alternative and effective teachings to everyone is our mission.

Caitlin lives in Maplewood, NJ. Caitlin was raised in Huntington, NY and at a very young age, felt drawn to the art of healing others. She strongly believes that in order for a therapist to fully heal their clients, one must heal and grow themselves! She committed to continuing education in complementary healing modalities for her clients, and she passionately believes that her continued personal growth allows her to be the best instrument to help others.

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Amy Citron

Amy Citron is a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, a Certified Reiki Practitioner, and holds a BA in Psychology. She has traveled extensively, attending various spiritual retreats and health seminars. These experiences have afforded her a well rounded, multi-perspective understanding of how to best transform one’s life and achieve one’s individual goals. Amy is the proud mother of three grown children. When one of her children developed a rare neurological illness, she began her quest for answers. She and her son traveled around the country, to every doctor, chiropractor and new age healer they thought might be able to help. It was not until they came upon a functional medicine practitioner that they realized this was the path to true healing.

Functional medicine addresses the root cause of disease by determining how and why illness occurs for each individual. Amy found functional medicine so intriguing that she dedicated the next two years of study to learn more about this approach to healing, and she received her certification from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Using her new knowledge, she began to heal herself and those around her by simply nourishing the body and mind. The function of a health coach is to help guide and motivate individuals to live up to their health goals and improve their lifestyles based on their true values. Amy specializes in synchronizing the mind, body, and soul to create a healthier, happier, more balanced version of her clients.

At Evolve, Amy’s role is to help individuals easily adhere to a gradual life-style change, and to become the best possible version of themselves. Health and lifestyle changes can be incredibly difficult to stick to on one’s own, therefore Amy makes it her priority to help each client find the best ways to achieve their personal health goals. It is her mission is to coach and support her clients to evolve to new levels of health and happiness!


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Vincent Fitzgerald LCSW, Psychotherapist, Bowen Coach

We often believe our symptoms and behaviors are the result of character flaws. Subsequent guilt, and internal criticisms create anxiety and depression sure to hinder growth and create relationship dysfunction. Although behavior is a matter of choice, we often dismiss the influence early life family dynamics play in our ability to make choices, handle conflict, and bond with others.

Through our transformative relationship, you will understand yourself as an individual with inherent ability to manage stress, resolve conflict, and strengthen bonds. You will learn the role family plays in the transmission of anxiety, dysfunctional relationship dynamics, and creation of negative behavioral patterns that can be replaced with positive ones. Transformation begins when you reach out, and only ends when you decide it does.


Felicia Drouillard

The founder of Reawaken Felicia Drouillard has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2008. Felicia received her education from Sanford Brown Institute completing 960hrs. With Felicia having 11 years of experience as a licensed Massage Therapist under her belt, being a loyal Top Choice Massage Therapist at Massage Envy, Lead Stretcher and proving home massage services and events she then decided to expand her own practice.

Uniquely known for her customized stripping techniques and for filling her clients needs physically, she came to a realization that there was something more, because clients will regularly express themselves during sessions verbally and emotionally releasing internal blockages and stress points and without knowledge of energy healing Felicia would always provide positive intentions into her sessions for further care of clients in need of deeper healing. Felicia then wanted to provided more than holistic healing by physical touch she wanted to heal the Mind, body, and soul of her clients.

Providing “Energy Flow” as one of her top services at Reawaken gives Felicia the opportunity to do just that. Energy Flow targets all trigger points and internal blockages and customizes techniques to her clients needs by implementing chakra healing techniques. Reawaken also provides popular services such as Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point, and Hot Stone.

Felicia is working on bringing  Reiki and Crystal healing to her practice. Providing these services at Reawaken, clients will benefit from relief in muscle tension, reducing depression, anxiety, detox toxins, improving flexibility, boosting immunity, improving clients over all being, and more.

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Judie Hurtado

It's my soul purpose to help women who are ready for change to create a life they love by transforming beliefs they didn't know they had. I was born with intuitive abilities and use this gift with my clients, whether it's a Reiki or an Intuitive Guidance session.

Reiki is a form of healing energy that works for the person's best and highest good. When the body is relaxed, healing can take place. I often channel messages and insights that I share with my clients. I also incorporate sound healing. Every session is different so I ask my clients to come open and curious.

My Intuitive Guidance sessions also include Reiki but instead of laying on a massage table, we are seated in chairs. We talk about whatever is going in your life and what you wish to experience instead. Most times, we also connect with your subconscious mind, through muscle testing, in order to plant the seeds of possibility and opportunity.

I always send a detailed write up after your session so you can look back at your progress.

I'm on Instagram at and on Facebook as

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a session, please email me at I look forward to supporting you on your transformational journey!

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Dana Engstrom

Beloved Office Manager at Evolve Wellness and Patient Liaison for Dr. Sari Lehrhoff.